July 22, 2016

About Consilta

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and home to 1.2 million residents. The cathedral looming in the background is Helsinki Cathedral, originally built in 1852 and was known as St Nicholas' Church until Finnish independence in 1917.

Consilta is a value-driven consulting firm, specializing in the Middle East and North Africa, exporting the Finnish know-how to the MENA region. Our business is to help companies know where they go, how to optimize their management and how to achieve their goals effectively.

Consilta is based in Helsinki. We have representatives in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Ghana, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Algeria.


Our mission is to become a real partner to our clients, working as a team transferring the knowledge.



We want to break the barriers between Finnish and the Middle Eastern markets. We believe that by facilitating a business network community built on trust, professionalism, and diversity we will make a positive IMPACT on economics of both regions.



Our values state for IMPACT that we are making on the economics of the Middle East and Africa and Finland.