April 18, 2017

What is the Secret behind the Success of Education in Finland?

Education in FinlandWhat is the secret behind the success of Finnish Education?

  • “Equality” is the most important word in Finnish education
  • Finland’s teachers are highly-trained and respected
  • Finland’s success is especially intriguing because Finnish schools assign less homework and engage children in more creative play

Early childhood education

Children in Finland start with kindergarten when they are 1 year old. At this stage, children learn through playing. It prepares the base to make sure all students can have the equal start when they go to basic education at 7 years old.

Basic education

Finnish student starts school at 7 years old while normally children start at 6 years old in many other countries because Finnish education system believes children should be children. Children are given tools to grow mentally and socially. The system focus on building the base with reading, writing and basic math. Finland’s success is especially intriguing because Finnish schools assign less homework and test until they are teenage. Moreover, children engage more in creative play.

Higher education

Leading teacher training and pedagogical practices, and the country’s outstanding higher education institutions offer a wide range of degree programs, training courses and modules to enhance the abilities of trainee teachers and other education professionals.

Vocational education

Vocational education and training (VET) is designed both for young people without upper secondary qualifications and for adults already in work life. Vocational training provide students with skills required in the labor market especially in vocational professions.

Executive education

Executive education is comprehensive package for enhancing the skills of your staffs. It is essential to top up knowledge and skills from time to time to suit changing circumstances.