April 18, 2017

Why Does Finland Have the Best Place for Health Innovation and Research?


healthcare in finlandFinland is considered one of the leading countries with high-quality and comprehensive health data in digital format driven by its universal healthcare system, universal identification number and innovative legislation. Healthcare in Finland is highly recognisable and has outstanding reputation all around the world.

Healthcare in Finland is mainly provided on the basis of residence and is primarily financed with general tax revenues. There are both public and private-sector providers. Primary health care services are the responsibility of municipalities and are generally provided through local health centres.

Finland offers

  • top quality equal healthcare
  • 100 % health care coverage in electronic databases
  • quick admission and seamless care
  • multi- disciplinary, evidence-based care
  • excellent healthcare results

Finnish strength is in

  • Biomedical research in Finland
  • ICT research 
  • Health technology 
  • Well-documented biobanks and the biobank legislation
  • Long history of health registries
  • Professional and recognised healthcare system

Finland is considered to have globally recognized knowledge and researchers in certain disease mechanism areas such as metabolic, neuroscience, oncology, and cardiovascular which are one of the primary sources of new drug and disease diagnostics development and hence entail considerable commercial potential from an ecosystem viewpoint.

Health technology is the largest and most significant export segment in Finnish high-tech trade in goods. Finland is one of only seven countries in the world to export more medtech than it imports. Finland has identified its strength in four health ecosystem assets: medical research, health technology, health data and clinical co-creation.

Preventing healthcare is also considered very important in Finland. The services of prenatal clinics and child health clinics, for instances, are available free of charge to all families. All mothers of new born babies receive a maternity package or its value in money.