April 27, 2017

Why Invest in the Finnish Food Industry?

Finland has something special that everyone is ready to pay a premium for. It is clean food. Finnish food and beverages are naturally delicious food and authentic tasting; the use of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours is minimal. Finnish food stands for purify and quality. Finland is known for its pure water and bright forest and unit making Finnish food tasty and fresh. Also, Finland is a world leader in nutritional expertise. It offers natural and good food for you such as functional, gluten and lactose-free foods.
Here are some special food products Finland has


Finland is known for its beautiful nature, forests and over 180,000 lakes. Finlands water resources per capital are among the biggest in the world. The quality of Finlands surface and ground waters is excellent. Due to the close relationship with water and nature, Finland has profiled itself as the country with top quality water know-how.



Innovative Finnish business are experts in making berry products like powders, dried berries, smoothies, shots, cold pressed juices liqueurs, extracts and snacks. Everything a conscious consumer looking for natural yet premium product is looking for.




Oat innovations

So how do Finnish food companies broaden their range of healthy oat foods beyond traditional porridge and bread? The answer of course is through innovation.Finnish manufactures are constantly coming up with news to innovate with oats. Oat foods to become such as an important part of Finland’s food economy. They have sparked a whole new growth of consumer products in the recent years from oat-based yogurts, to ice creams.



The Finnish meat industry has a monitored and secure food safety chain from farm to work.

Healthy animals. Excellent livestock welfare. No hormones and low antibiotics use. Highly regulated cleanliness. Quality products, with an emphasis on flavour. These are the hallmarks of the Finnish industry.



Over four hundred species of edible mushrooms exist in Finland, totalling almost 4.6 billion pounds each year. Finland is heaven on earth for mushrooms.



Source: foodfromfinland.fi