April 18, 2017

This Is Why You Should Invest in Finland Right Now

Invest in Finland

Panoramic view of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Image via visitfinland.com

Why should you invest in Finland? First, the Finnish business environment is stable and predictable. International companies are appealed by the unlimited economic potential of Finland. English is the common second language of the business community and is spoken by more than 90% of Finns under 30. 
Finnish businesses operate within the growing diverse startup ecosystem supported highly educated employees and a unique culture of innovation. Finnish culture encourages a practical result-driven mindset and compromise, even in times of crisis. Finns are proud of low corruption level and openness of the society are what make Finns proud of. Thus Finland forms an ideal test bed for new solutions and technologies.

Again, in 2016 Finland has been

  • No 1 Finland is the most stable country in the world
  • No 1 Finland is the safest country in the world.
  • No 1 Finland is the best country in social progress in the world.
  • No 1 Finland has the strongest digital knowledge capital in Europe.
  • No 3 Finland has the third best economic environment for business growth in the world.
  • No 3 Finland is the third most competitive country in the world.
  • No 3 Relative to the population, Finland has the third most professionals working in research and development.

The basis of Finland’s competitiveness, equality and trust, has been created through progress. Finland has concentrated on finding innovative solutions to global issues. The issues that we are solving now are more complex than ever before. Solving them requires decisiveness, reliability and high-level expertise that you can find in Finland!

Startup hub of Europe

Finland has a unique growing startup ecosystem. The Europe’s leading startup event Slush, happening every November in Helsinki. Last year, in 2016, Slush welcomed more than 17,500 visitors and 2300 startups under one roof. The growing business sectors are in education technology, industrial internet and digital services, software, health and wellbeing, gaming and environment and energy.

Join business leaders of the world!

Finland has become a home base for multicultural world-known corporations such as Nokia, Kone, Rovio, Fortum and many more. World leading economies are already investing in Finland. Join the international corporations such as Google, Microsoft, HP, EMC, IBM, Cisco, Symantec, NetApps, BEA, Novell, Oracle StorageTek, Veritas, Apple that have already found growing market potential of the Nordic country.
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