April 19, 2017

Finland Is All about Renewable Energy

renewable energy finland

Image: Raimo Rosholm / Vastavalo.fi

Due to Finland’s northern location, there is a diverse need for energy. In the long, cold winter months, energy is consumed for lighting and heating. Uninterrupted electricity and heat production is the 23 % lifeblood of living. Long distances and dispersed settlements increase energy 3% use in transport. The heavy industry in 4% the country, especially the forest, metals and chemical industry, also use a lot of energy.

Right now, Finland is already second in Europe after Sweden to use the most renewable energy with more than 36%. On 24 November 2016, the Government of Finland released the country’s national energy and climate strategy up to the year 2030 that will guide this country in the upcoming years.

About oil

Although oil still accounts for almost 90% in road transport, the domestic use of imported oil, i.e. petrol, diesel, fuel oil as well as jet fuel and kerosene will be halved during the 2020s. A strategy with regard to the increase of renewable energy has been set in the transport sector: 30% biofuels by the year 2030.

About renewable energy

The country’s most important renewable sources of energy include bioenergy – wood and wood-based fuels in particular –, hydropower, wind power, ground heat and solar energy. The long-term goal is for the energy system to become carbon neutral and to be strongly based on renewable energy sources.

More about bioenergy

According to the researchers’ from Lappeenranta University of Technology calculations, biofuel use and production would need to be doubled from current levels. Using the non-nuclear model, the number of wind turbines would need to be increased to some 8,800. Currently there are about 260 wind turbines in use in Finland. But the biggest investment would go towards solar energy, the researchers found. According to them, some 100,000 solar power facilities would need to be created.

Where is Finland going?

Finland aims to reach the use of 100% renewable energy sources in different sectors and on a system level. For years, out of all the industries, the energy sector has been the greatest investor in Finland. When the operating environment is stable and predictable, the energy industry will have improved possibilities for extensive investment and the price of electricity will remain competitive.