December 11, 2016

Education Export from Finland

Have you heard about Finnish education miracle?

Do you want to experience Finnish education, that ranks among the best in the world?

Solution: education export from Finland! 

As Finland is known for its amazing reputation in education we can help you to get your achievements for a better school with the Finnish system.  We can help your school to become close to the best or even build a new one.

Basic education
We help with:

  • curriculum and management
  • teacher training
  • school design
  • classroom facilities
  • educational tools
  • edtech tools
  • quality assurance
  • phenomenal based learning based on activating students

Higher education
We help with:

  • tailored-made Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs
  • tailored-made courses fitting current curriculums
  • study trips for both students and staff to visit Finland

Vocational teacher training

We help to organise training teachers for basic and higher education. Teachers from the middle east can come to Finland to receive vocational education. In reverse qualified Finnish teachers can go to the the Middle East and North Africa directly to train your professionals. Also, online learning is another option which does not require traveling.


We help to integrate entrepreneurship with your existing business programs. We help you to build startup ecosystem in your school and propose Master’s degrees in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

Executive education

We can help you with training programs for executives and leaders in all fields. In addition, we organise staff and employee training.

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